Isawa Gensen Foot Bath Square

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Isawa Gensen Foot Bath Square

This foot bath facility is located in Isawa Onsen on the street of Japanese inns.  For \200 you can enjoy the foot bath with a complimentary towel.  Overnight guests at any member inns or hotels of the Isawa Onsen Ryokan Cooperatives can enter free of charge.  There are three foot baths and hand baths, and a foot bath is available for wheel-chair users.  The square, where light snacks are served, is also available for events and other purposes than for foot bathing.  Equipped with restrooms and a parking lot, it is about a 15-minute walk from Isawa Onsen Station.




Shop Name Isawa Gensen Foot Bath Square Address 1607,Kawanakajima Isawa-cho
Fuefuki-shi Yamanashi Japan
TEL 055-262-8131 Official Site