Jorin-ji Temple

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Jorin-ji Temple

The temple gate is guarded by Bishamon-ten (Vaisravana) and Jikoku-ten (Dhrtarastra) guardian deity statues on both sides.  Passing the gate and entering the precinct, you can see the five-story pagoda on your left and the Great Saint Nichiren statue on your right.  In front, there stands the main hall and a Japanese nutmeg tree, which is a city-designated natural treasure believed to be beneficial in matchmaking. Equipped with restrooms and a parking lot, it is about a 15-minute drive from Isawa Onsen Station.




Shop Name Jorin-ji Temple Address 747,Minami Yatushiro-cho
Fuefuki-shi Yamanashi Japan
TEL 055-265-3705 Official Site