Suzuran-no-Sato,Sawa-Tsuma Tei,Otengu-san

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Suzuran-no-Sato,Sawa-Tsuma Tei,Otengu-san

A combination of “Otengu-san”, a facility where making of Soba and houtou (a local delicacy) can be experienced, and “Sawa-Tsuma Tei”, a restaurant where the local specialty pot cuisine of seasonal mountain vegetables and local green meats are served.  You can enjoy the traditional landscape of Japan left intact in Ashikawa-cho both in taste and sight.  The experience facility has served foreign visitors.  Equipped with restrooms and a parking lot, it is about a 35-minute drive from Isawa Onsen Station.




Shop Name Suzuran-no-Sato,Sawa-Tsuma Tei,Otengu-san Address 1955,Araibara Ashigawa-cho
Fuefuki-shi Yamanashi Japan
TEL 055-298-2833 Official Site