Winter -Hot Springs and Night Views-


Steam rising from a hot spring is an inviting sight in the hard winter of the Kofu Basin. Winter is the time to enjoy hot springs and the panoramic view of Kofu Basin at Fuefuki, which is located up on the hill.


Two hot spring areas

There are two hot spring areas in the city: Isawa Onsen, which was accidentally found in a vineyard and started its life as an outdoor bathing area, and Kasugai Onsen, situated in the peach production area.


Isawa Onsen hot spring area

From a friendly, small B&B to a large establishment with a hot water swimming pool, there are many types of accommodation. Good access from central Tokyo, only 90 minutes.

Kasugai Onsen hot spring area

Relaxed atmosphere with just a few establishments scattered among the orchards. The village feels like Shangri-La, with soft pink peach blossoms engulfing the whole area in spring.


Public hot spring facilities



A hot spring bathing facility with the theme of roses, another specialty of the town. Visitors can enjoy a rose scented bath, as well as a large rose garden.


A hot spring bathing facility with a panoramic view of peach orchards, especially impressive in the blossoming season in April. Visitors can also enjoy the twinkling lights of the town at night.


Offering four kinds of hot spring water tabs and a 132-jo large communal tatami room to relax and make friends. A spacious venue perfect for total relaxation.


Sparkling night view of Kofu Basin

Winter is the time when the night view is the most beautiful. Visitors can marvel at the twinkling views of towns in the Kofu Basin below, against the backdrop of the dark silhouettes of the South-Alps Mountain ranges, and the sky full of stars.


Misaka Togenkyo Park

A tranquil park surrounded by peach orchards. Night views of towns in the Kofu Basin and Fuefuki River Fruits Park can be enjoyed.

Ichinomiya Hanami-dai

Peach blossoms viewing terrace in Momo-no-sato Kanazawa Ikoino-mori Park. The night view from the viewing terrace is a sight to see.


Yatsushiro Furusato Park

A spectacular large scale night view can be seen from the top of the tumulus in the park. The spot was selected as one of the top 100 night views of Japan.


A group of hills on the far west side of Fuefuki City with transmission towers on top. The area is designated as Yamanashi History and Culture Park and the observation terrace offers a more than 270 degree view of the area.