Fuefuki City - Home of Fruits and Hot Springs


A town blessed with the richness of nature

Nationally renowned, top quality fruits, colorful blossoms and beautiful scenery in all four seasons, relaxing hot springs and crystal clear streams...

It is only 90 minutes from central Tokyo, but Fuefuki City is a Shangri-La.


Japan's number one peach and grape producer

With fertile land with good drainage, long hours of sunshine and a large difference in temperature between day and night, Fuefuki City lies in one of the most famous fruit producing areas in Japan. It has earned the title of 'The Number One Location in Japan for Peaches and Grapes' with its unique rural scenery surrounded by orchards, and is supported by related local industries such as wineries and Pick Your Own tourist farms.
Due to its high quality grapes that are used for wine production, the city boasts as many as twelve wineries. Koshu wine, made from local Koshu grapes, has been gaining international recognition in Europe and beyond.



A tree full of peaches ripening under sun is as beautiful as a piece of jewelry. The sweet fragrance of peaches wafting through the town is yet another pleasant aspect for visitors.

Earlier in the season, there is another sight to be marveled at: pink peach blossoms covering the hills as far as the eye can see.


Along with the Koshu grape, which has been grown in Yamanashi Prefecture for many years, several varieties of excellent quality grapes suited to the climate of Japan, including Shine Muscat, Kyoho, and Pione, are grown in the town.

Visitors can enjoy the experience of picking their own peaches and grapes in one of the tourist orchards from summer to autumn.


Two hot spring villages

There are two hot spring villages in the town; Isawa Onsen, which was accidentally found in a vineyard and started its life as an outdoor bathing place, and Kasugai Onsen, situated in the peach production area.


Isawa Onsen hot spring village

From a friendly small B&B to a large establishment with a hot water swimming pool, there are many types of accommodation. Good access from central Tokyo, only 90 minutes.

Kasugai Onsen hot spring village

Relaxed atmosphere with fewer establishments scattered among the orchards. The place gives a feeling of Shangri-La, with soft pink peach blossoms engulfing the whole area in spring.


Public hot spring facilities



A hot spring bathing facility with the theme of roses, another specialty of the town. Visitors can enjoy a rose scented bath, as well as a large rose garden.


A hot spring bathing facility with a panoramic view of peach orchards, especially impressive in the blossoming season in April. Visitors can also enjoy the twinkling lights of the town at night.


Offering four kinds of hot spring water tabs and a 132-jo large communal tatami room to relax and make friends. A spacious venue perfect for total relaxation.