Autumn -Tastes blessed with Nature-


The best season to pick your own grapes. Autumn comes to Fuefuki with varieties of grapes available.


Pick Your Own grapes

Along with Koshu, which has been grown in Yamanashi Prefecture for a long time, several varieties of excellent quality grapes that are suited to the climate of Japan, including Shine Muscat, Kyoho, and Pione, are grown in the town. Visitors can enjoy a ‘pick your own grapes’ experience in one of the tourist orchards from summer to autumn.



Yamanashi's native variety which has been cultivated for more than 800 years. It is characterized by the refreshing sweetness of the flesh with a hint of sourness around the pips. Koshu wine is made from this grape variety.


A cultivar representing Yamanashi Prefecture which was developed at a grape research center in the prefecture. The flesh is relatively firm with a deep and refreshing taste and the scent of Muscat.


Very famous, the king of grapes, with very large violet-black skinned fruit. Responding to the consumers' preference, the seedless type is becoming popular.



Characterized by its huge size, as big as a golf ball. A cultivar of the Pione type with soft flesh, it is refreshingly juicy.

Shine Muscat

A new cultivar of Muscat-type grape, rapidly becoming popular. It has a distinctive scent of Muscat, with thin skin and crisp texture.

Rosario Bianco

A cross between two top-of-the range grapes, Rosaki and Muscat of Alexandria. With high sugar content and elegant flavor, it is the king of green-yellow type grapes.


Fuyuu gaki persimmon

Fuyuu gaki persimmons grown in Fuefuki City are of very high quality, and have been presented to the royal family of Japan. Especially the ones grown in Isawa-cho, with its sandy soil, are large and extra sweet.

Koro gaki dried persimmon

Astringent cultivars of kaki persimmons are hung up outdoors from late autumn to winter. Threaded through and hung vertically in lines under the eaves of houses, they look like bright orange colored blinds - the age-old scenery of Fuefuki City.


Mountains in Autumn Colors

The mountains and hills surrounding the town are now burning with autumn colors. From easy strolls to professional mountaineering, Fuefuki City caters for every walker. The view of Mount Fuji from Shindo pass (Kurodake Mountain) is said to be the best in Japan.


Kurodake Mountain (1,793m)

Virgin forest of Japanese beech near the mountain top and the colonies of rare Japanese lily of the valley at the northwest foot of the mountain can be seen.

Settogatake Mountain (1,736m)

Perfectly conical shape with pointed top. Panoramic view from the top including Mount Fuji as well as the South-Alps Mountain range and Yatsugatake Mountain can be seen.


Shakagatake Mountain (1,641m)

A conical and rocky mountain, pointed like a spear. The panoramic view from the top is overwhelming.

Tatsuzawa-yama Mountain (1,358m)

A hilly area with peach orchards surrounding the Shakado Excavation Site. From the tranquil mountain top, a beautiful view of Mount Fuji beyond the Misaka ranges can be seen.